Green Screen LA offers the best service and facilities for your production. Our pre-light studio is located in Burbank, just south of the Burbank Airport.

Known as Loyal Studios, we offer a complete production solution with professional crew, the best equipment, and a studio favored by A-list celebrities. Whether you have a network project, music video, commercial, or indie film Green Screen LA and Loyal Studios are committed to your project going well.

We have produced over 1,000 projects in our studios and understand what producers and directors want. A private and clean and comfortable talent wing for example is something we know is very important because talent often drives the decisions where to shoot. Our commercial kitchen is functional and offers stainless appliances, serving table, and ice machine. Our "1950's" diner is a favorite of cast and crew and has hosted many enjoyable lunches, dinners, and meetings on hundreds of important projects.

Our control room includes a library of over 1,000 digital back plates and 24 virtual sets which can be digitally imported into your line cut in real time so that producers can show clients a true live-key of what is supposed to replace the green screen in post production. Our producers room with viewing window allows for a staging and management area which is separate from the pre-light production stage but connected through a large viewing window. The stage its self has 800 amps of power and includes a carefully assembled 5-ton grip and lighting package.

Green Screen LA and Loyal Studios have an army of professional crew including DP's, VFX artists, sound engineers, and hair and make up artists. People come from all over the world to shoot at Green Screen LA and Loyal Studios and love the vintage Hollywood memorabilia collection and museum.

Green Screen LA and Loyal Studios has been built and been managed by producers and as a result, we "get it". A clean and organized facility, no hidden charges, an all-in-one solution, and an experienced and helpful staff committed to helping each project that comes into the studio.



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